Last updated: May 20, 2020

EDM Info Pack May 2020

Below are some ideas to help get you started on your May 2020 EDM. Giant Australia have nominated the major content piece(s) for the month (if there is more than one, you need to choose the one you want to run with). You then only need to nominate a minor content piece (which can include your own ideas) to finish off your EDM. We will organise everything else for you.

Major content

Power your journey (e-bikes)

Giant has launched a new global campaign focusing on e-bikes, entitled Power Your Journey. Giant Australia has just launched this campaign via EDM, and we have a template ready for you to do likewise. This is a great reminder for people about the benefits of e-bikes, and goes really well with the Travis Pastrana feature as a minor. You can see the e-bike campaign video here or check out the companion social media assets here.

Winter apparel sale promotion

On 21st of May, Giant Australia will be launching a sale promotion on key winter gear items. This sale will be reflected in an online discount (via discount code) for click-and-collect orders placed during the promotional window. The promotion is also available for stores to run for in-store customers, with digital assets to support the campaign provided. If you go this route, we will prepare the EDM with you, and let you know the moment it can be sent (once the campaign goes live). NOTE: YOU CANNOT SEND THIS EDM UNTIL GA APPROVES ITS RELEASE.

TCR or Rev Pro

A number of stores have already featured the new TCR and/or Rev Pro. However, if you have not featured one or the other yet, this is a great opportunity to showcase these great new products. Especially if you have a performance road-skewing audience. All stores can find accompanying social media assets for both ranges here.

Minor content

Major as minor

You can double-dip here if you like – selecting another one of the major options as your minor (it will be a reduced version of the major). This is an easy way to feature two major pieces of content in one email to get your audience excited. NOTE: you will need to wait until both pieces of content are approved to launch before your EDM can go out.

Giant casual apparel

As part of the winter apparel sale promotion national EDM, Giant will be featuring some branded casual/lifestyle apparel. Namely the Giant ‘shattered’ tee and trucker cap. These are great items to stock in-store also, for impulse/gift sales, or as freebies for high-spend customers and ambassadors. You can find some great images to share on social channels here.

Training with power

A new feature from Giant global, having partnered with AHDR leader Tim Searle to create some great introductory content around training with a power meter – including how to conduct FTP testing and create structured workouts using a power meter. Great for stores with a budding road or triathlon audience. Social content to follow soon.

Travis Pastrana e-MTB feature

This is a great content feature on the Giant Australia website. It includes great photography, a good story, and represents the sort of top-quality digital content that brings brands to life. If you have an MTB-skewing audience, this is a no-brainer. You can also find some great images to share on social channels here.

Liv Rev Pro or Liv Zwift

Looking for something for your female audience? Liv just launched this EDM which features the new Liv Rev Pro, as well as female-focused online cycling options with Liv & Zwift. This might make a nice counterpoint to your major item if you have a strong female audience on your subscriber list. You can also find some great images to share on social channels around the Liv Rev Pro here.

Fan Photo Friday

GA is posting a #fanphotofriday piece on their Instagram account each Friday – highlighting how someone is riding their Giant around Australia (they can also win merchandise). You can see the content here (you will need to scroll past the major) and grab a social tile to share here.

Store updates

Reassure your customers during the COVID-19 pandemic with your latest store updates, advertise new opening hours, promote a store/club Zwift ride, or anything else for that matter.

Your own idea

This is your opportunity to inject your own unique store DNA into your EDM. You could focus on a store special, local ride, new accessory brand – or anything else for that matter! This is a great way to share localized content with your community.

Submitting your content choices

Once you have made your selection, please contact us using this link (or reply to the email you clicked off) and let us know. Remember to choose one of the three major content options provided above, and then your own selection for your minor piece of content. If you would like to run with your own idea for your minor content, please provide a little more detail on what you had in mind, so we can start designing it for you.

Key dates

  • TBA for this month

Note: You will be required to approve the EDM design and final campaign (provided as a test EDM) before your campaign can be sent.

Getting help

The details of the GSN EDM program are covered in detail here, with more information on selecting monthly content here.

If you need any support to help get the most out of the program, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can schedule a call and talk through your content goals and help craft your EDM with those objectives in mind.