Last updated: August 9, 2019

Selecting monthly EDM content

This page is designed to provide each GS store with a brief overview of how to select effective content, so you get the most out of your monthly EDM.
EDM format

Each GSN Email Marketing Program EDM features 2x pieces of content. We call this approach Major/Minor, as each monthly EDM is made up of both a major piece of content as well as a minor piece. This approach is described in more detail below.

Each month all you need to do is select a minor piece of content that you would like to feature in your custom-designed store EDM. The major piece will be set by Giant Australia. You can see an example of how this works below.

Major content

The major piece of content is the focus of your store’s monthly EDM. This will be brand-focused (with a national context) and set by Giant Australia – but localised to your store through branding and/or links.

Minor content

Below the major content component, you will have space for a minor content piece which you can customise. The minor component can be thought of like a digital ad, where you can promote whatever you like. While the major piece will have a brand-aligned (national) focus, the minor piece can be far more specific and/or localised to your store.

Each month you could use the minor component to focus on a store special on a product, introduce a new product accessory brand and/or line, or push a store voucher drive. Alternatively, it could be used to broadcast any changes to store hours for the month, advertise for staff, or promote an upcoming local event or ride.

Each minor component will be custom designed and built for your store.

Choosing your content

Each month you will receive an EDM information pack that outlines brand-level content options – including national promotions, product releases, news, etc. You can choose from these options for your minor content or supply your own content.

You should choose the content option that makes the most sense for your store, and your audience/target market(s). If one of the provided brand-aligned options works for you – or you see an opportunity to make it work for you (by creating your own promotion around it, etc.) – then this approach will give you a great result with minimal effort.

Similarly, if you have a local promotion coming up (i.e. a carpark sale) or local event/ride, then your EDM is a fantastic platform to spread the word.

If you need any help in choosing your content or some advice on how to leverage it to get the best result, we are always here to help. You can contact The Department anytime by emailing [email protected], or by calling 1300 79 49 90.

Finishing up

We believe the major/minor approach will make it easier for you to get the most value out of the EDM program. Once you have selected your minor content for the month, we will draft a campaign, design and build it for you, as well as schedule it to send. This should save you time and make for more efficient EDM campaigns for your store.

We are equally confident that the increased focus on carefully crafted national major content will lead to stronger, more attractive content that yields better results with your customers.