Installing store email signatures

Tips and tricks for installing your GSN email signature(s) on your personal and store devices.
Getting your signature(s) ready

When you request a GSN store signature, you will receive 2x HTML files (templates). One of these templates is your generic store template (for a catchall store email address – for example [email protected]), while the other is for individual staff members to have their own signature (if they have their own, unique store email address). Initially, the staff member version may have only temporary information in it (‘John Citizen/Store Manager’) – see below for more information on this.

The first step is to review the details and links in your signature to make sure they are correct (apart, of course, for any ‘John Citizen/Store Manager’ lines on the staff version). You can do this by simply opening one or both of the files in a web browser. If you spot any issues, or want any details changed, please let us know.

Also, should you want any personalised email signatures made for you or your staff, please supply us with a list including the full name and position of each staff member you would like a signature created for. We will then create these for you.

Installing your signature(s)

Once you have all your signature(s) sorted, you will need to install them on your various devices and email software platforms that you and/or your team use. The steps to achieve this are often different for each device, operating system, and email software program. Therefore, we have prepared some information to help take you through this process – providing links and tips for installing your signature(s) on the various devices/email software platforms you may use around your store. This list is not exhaustive – if you use a device or platform that is not covered here, please let us know and we will look to add it to the list (as it may help others).

MacOS Mail

Depending on the version of MacOS Mail you use, we recommend using one of the following website tutorials to install your signature (choose the tutorial that matches your MacOS version):

Installing an HTML signature on MacOS Mail is a little tricky, but is quite robust once setup properly. Please get in touch with us if you need any support setting up your signature(s) in MacOS.


Generally, we would recommend not to install an HTML signature on an iPhone or iPad – and instead keep ‘Sent from my iPhone’ (or something similar – perhaps something witty like ‘Sent from my TCR’). However, if you would like to install your signature on an iOS device, follow these steps.


Installing an HTML email in Gmail (at in your browser) is fairly straightforward. You can find instructions here.

Android (Gmail)

Currently, there’s no way to install an HTML email signature in the Gmail mobile app. However, you can add one at (see above). Once set up in your browser, your email signature should automatically appear below every email you compose on your Android device.


Installing an HTML email in Outlook (regardless of the version you use) is fairly straightforward. You can find instructions here or here.

Finishing up

Once you have installed your signature(s), be sure to test them thoroughly by sending an email or two to yourself (or other team members). Make sure it looks and functions as expected before sending emails to customers, partners, etc. Finally, if you need ANY help at all with the above – please get in touch. Email signatures can be a little tricky, and we are here to guide you through any steps you may need support with.