EDM Info Pack July 2019

Below are some ideas to help get you started on your July 2019 EDM. All you need to do is choose 1x major and 1x minor content piece (which can include your own ideas), and we will organise everything else for you.
Major content

New 2020 models promotion

The launch of the early release 2020 Giant and Liv models is now being supported by a national marketing campaign (you can see the playbook here). Let your customers know you have new bikes in stock by hitting them with a campaign-specific EDM. (note: this is a repeat of the June ‘new 2020 models’ EDM major design)

2020 Road range feature

If you sent the ‘new 2020 models’ EDM major in June, and don’t want to repeat it, then this might be for you. Showcase the new season road range highlights such as the TCR Advanced Pro 0 Disc, Propel and Fastroad with this custom-designed EDM content piece – perfect for stores who have a strong roadie base.

2020 X-Road range feature

If you sent the ‘new 2020 models’ EDM major in June, and don’t want to repeat it in July, this one is also for you. With a wide range of great-looking Revolt, TCX, Brava, Roam and Rove models now available, we’ll be putting together a specially designed X-road/adventure piece to get your subscribers excited about getting on an x-road bike.

All-new 2020 Contend range

With the all-new 2020 Giant Contend about to launch globally, you can be one of the first to let your subscribers know about these great new models. We’ll be putting together a specially designed introduction to the range for you (linked to the ‘New 2020 Models’ campaign).

Minor content

Team CCC kit in stock

With le Tour de France just around the corner, let your customers know they can support their favourite pro cycling team with CCC Team merchandise in-store with you now.

Join the Aussie Hump Day Ride

Boost your customer’s mid-winter motivation by letting them know about the weekly Giant and Liv-supported Zwift Aussie Hump Day Ride. There will also be an option to add a link to your in-store power (or indoor) training range.

Your own idea

This is your opportunity to inject your own unique store DNA into your EDM. You could focus on a store special, local ride, new accessory brand – or anything else for that matter. This is a great way to share localised content with your community.

Submitting your content choices

Once you have made your selection (1x major and 1x minor), please contact us using this link (or reply to the email you clicked on), informing us which major and which minor option you would like to choose. If you would like to run with your own idea, please provide a little more detail on what you had in mind, so we can start designing it for you.

Key dates

  • Store response (content selection) deadline: Friday 5/7/19
  • EDM send: Thursday 11/7/19 onwards

Note: You will be required to approve both the EDM design (provided as a PDF) and then the final campaign (provided as a test EDM) before your campaign can be sent.

Getting help

The details of the GSN EDM program are now covered in detail here, with more information on selecting monthly content here.

If you need any support to help get the most out of the program, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can schedule a call and talk through your content goals and help craft your EDM with those objectives in mind.